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Valued Customer:

At Raleigh Vending we realize that often it seems easier to stay with what you already have, but sometimes you should take a closer look.  That's especially true now, when you can switch to Raleigh Vending for a special low rate of $49 a service call...


Current Sales Items











Vending Machine Repair, Preventive Maintenance and Appliance Repair too!




We provide repair and preventive maintenance services to new and old vending machines and appliances.  We have the parts and the technical expertise to repair all kinds of vending machines…





Vending Machine Sales



We sell all different types of vending machines. We sell soda machines, snack machines, combo machines and much more…






Vending and Service



We provide quality snack and drink service to offices and warehouses, industrial parks, sweepstake and bingo, auto repair businesses, etc.


We are committed to providing our customers with a choice of healthy product options.   

Phone: (919) 673-8680 - Sales@RaleighVending.com